Microdose Infusion (MDI) is a revolutionary American FDA Approved insulin therapy which mimics insulin delivery of a normal pancreatic function. It is known as one of the most efficient ways to treat metabolic dysfunctions, prevent and reduce the severity and progression of diabetes complications. Numerous studies show that this insulin therapy can provide relief from the damage caused by severe complications which include neuropathy, retinopathy, sores that don’t heal and kidney-related ailments. 

In people who do not suffer from diabetes, pancreas delivers insulin into the nerves which supply blood to the liver. This causes the liver to be exposed to high concentrations of insulin. In fact, to maintain the blood glucose levels in the body, the liver requires high levels of insulin. Even certain enzymes in the liver require high quantities of insulin to function to an optimum level. Conventional methods of providing insulin to the body externally, including insulin injections and regular insulin pumps do not expose the liver to the required concentration of insulin nor do they maintain the blood sugar levels in a normal range as accurately as healthy pancreas can.

This innovative treatment is now available for the first time in Oman. Schedule a consultation with our experts and learn more about the American FDA approved MII.

Why choose Microdose Infusion (MDI)

Microdose Infusion Therapy (MDI) works by stimulating the digestive process while simultaneously infusing insulin over a period of 2-3 hours, similar to how a healthy functioning pancreas bursts insulin naturally. This ensures that the liver starts producing metabolic enzymes and your body’s cells can once again metabolize sugar.

The reason why a lot of people have been choosing MDI over traditional insulin treatments is not the type of insulin, but how the insulin is used. The conventional methods of introducing insulin into the body are not just unnatural; they aid the slow rise of serum insulin levels but are still unable to stimulate the liver.

Also, MDI is proven to be one of the safest and most effective revolutionary treatments to reduce the impact of diabetes complications along with the fact that it is the only treatment that is certified by the American FDA.

Microdose Infusion is a natural process of introducing insulin in the body and imitates the process your body performs to produce insulin naturally. The treatment is carried out through the intravenous mode to achieve the minimum concentration of insulin that is required to get the liver functioning at its optimum capacity.

When it comes to the outcomes of the therapy, MDI patients are known to experience results that were thought to be unfeasible. Along with overall improvement physically and emotionally, patients have reported experiencing more energy, better sleep patterns and a positive state of mind. With the number of patients reporting drastic results and life changing effectiveness of Microdose Infusion Therapy, it is on its way to become the gold standard of diabetic treatment.

Science behind MDI

Microdose Infusion (MDI), the only American FDA approved diabetes complication treatment, simulates the insulin circulation of a non-diabetic. To understand MDI, you need to understand why it works. Insulin primarily assists the liver in producing enzymes of 33 types. These enzymes need to be broken down by our body cells to absorb the carbohydrates and sugars and convert it into energy. For people who do not have diabetes, this is a natural process. But for people with diabetes, this entire system is dysfunctional. Without the production and delivery of insulin the entire process of sugar absorption and metabolization is disrupted.

Let’s simplify this.

Think of your system as being in the process of baking a cake. If even one ingredient is missing, be it flour or butter, the cake will be something other than a perfectly baked cake. Diabetes works the same way. If there are certain enzymes not present in the body, glucose will not be produced in the required quantities. This leads to the cells not having enough energy to thrive. This is why diabetics have severe complications and this is where Microdose Infusion Therapy comes in.

MDI involves 3 one-hour treatments where insulin is infused intravenously with controlled microdose of insulin through a microdose pump. The amount of insulin is pre-decided depending on the average caloric need to match the patient’s weight during the period of treatment. A 30-minute break is provided between each hour of microdose infusions. 

MDI mimics the process of how healthy pancreas delivers insulin to the liver and the other cells of the body. Within only 4 seconds of the burst, the liver begins to receive proper oscillations traditionally sent by the pancreas. The bursts of insulin introduced to the body activate the liver to start the process of storing glucose as glycogen to be used as energy in the future. It also ensures that the insulin creates a steady flow of enzymes through the blood which in turn triggers the muscles, organs and cells to process glucose normally to create energy. This process affects every cell in the body, and this is what brings results that are relieving so many diabetics from their suffering today.

While Microdose Infusion therapy does not lead to curing diabetes, it treats the elementary malfunction as well as inflammation caused by diabetes (both Type 1 & Type 2) and provides relief from the damage brought on by diabetes complications especially neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy.