What is Microdose Infusion (MDI) ?

Microdose Infusion (MDI) is a revolutionary American FDA Approved insulin therapy which mimics insulin delivery of a normal pancreatic function. It is known as one of the most efficient ways to treat metabolic dysfunctions, prevent and reduce the severity and progression of diabetes complications. Numerous studies show that this insulin therapy can provide relief from the damage caused by severe complications which include neuropathy, retinopathy, sores that don’t heal and kidney-related ailments.

In people who do not suffer from diabetes, pancreas delivers insulin into the nerves which supply blood to the liver. This causes the liver to be exposed to high concentrations of insulin. In fact, to maintain the blood glucose levels in the body, the liver requires high levels of insulin. Even certain enzymes in the liver require high quantities of insulin to function to an optimum level. Conventional methods of providing insulin to the body externally, including insulin injections and regular insulin pumps do not expose the liver to the required concentration of insulin nor do they maintain the blood sugar levels in a normal range as accurately as healthy pancreas can.

Microdose Infusion treatments are carried out in weekly sessions monitored by a physician where a pump sends intermittent pulses of insulin through an intravenous catheter. The bursts of insulin are controlled by a computer program that determines the frequency of insulin based on the level of blood glucose in the patient’s body. The fact remains however, that MDI is not a cure for diabetes; rather it is a way to arrest, prevent and often reverse the progression of diabetes complications.

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