Treatment Outcomes

Heart Disease: Documented cases of long-term treatment’s involvement in remodeling cardiac myopathies common in diabetes.

Stoke and High blood pressure: Elasticity to the vessels is improved, helping to prevent one of the major causes of strokes and high blood pressure. Inflammation is also reduced, another major of cardiovascular issues. (documented cases)

Blindness: Swelling and/or bleeding in the eyes, leading to blindness, can be stabilized fairly quickly in conjunction with following ophthalmology directions and targeted daily blood sugar range. (documented cases)

Kidney disease: Fewer patients with at least 33% kidney function progressed to dialysis than did the control group. (published)

Nervous system: Case studies showing returned sense of touch and reduced burning pain in arms, hands, legs, and feet (documented). Nerve velocity conduction studies showing 65% overall improvement in sensory motor nerves in the legs and feet (published).

Body’s healing response: Case studies showing improved rate of tissue repair and wound healing (published).

Reduced time and cost in ER and hospital:  Published studies showing lowered number of diabetic related hospital visits per year when compared to the national average for diabetes patients as determined by the National Hospital Discharge Summary (NHDS) and US for Healthcare Statistics


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